6ft Folding Trestle table

The folding support table reach is an excellent solution for outdoor living at home.

Trestle’s range features a toughened, blow-formed plastic top that can withstand almost anything. A smooth top makes it easy to clean. It won’t crack, chip, peel, or decay. It should not be painted, stained or waterproofed. It is designed to resist stains, destructive substances, and other ecological impacts.

The Heavy obligation folding beam table allows you to quickly and efficiently create more table space.

Open-air dining is easy with the 6ft folding table. The support legs provide a simple structure with an overlay out and locking frame. A table four feet in length can comfortably seat six people. A 6ft folding table can accommodate eight people. These tables are great for creating an open-air dining table. They are elegant enough to fit inside any space, from lofts to houses. The Folding Trestle Table is ideal for rental business use due to its lightweight but strong construction. It folds easily and is lightweight, making it easy to ship. Strong plastic tops are made from blow-formed plastic and can withstand the harshest climates. The plastic completion guarantees are simple to clean!

These tables can be used to set up camp for picnics or school fairs.

6-foot Folding Table and Bench Set

6ft folding chair and table set are the perfect portable option for creating a space for feasting wherever you go. This unit can be shipped, assembled, stored, and transported easily. It is fully assembled and ready to use. This unit is sturdy and can be used for everyday use. It is suitable for setting up camps, barbecues, celebrations and so on. The top is stain-safe and easy to clean.

This set can easily accommodate 3 people per seat.

What’s Included:

*6ft overlap in the half table

*2 x 6ft folding chair


6ft Table:

*White blow-formed HDPE (high thickness polyethylene) table top, 45mm thick. It is intended to be strong when used regularly and easy to clean.

*Dim powder-covered Steel System (leg distance across 25mmx1mm thick), with droplock pivots, for strength & steadiness

*Size at the time of raising: 183.7cm(L) x76cm(W) x73cm/H

*When collapsed down, 92cm L x 76cm W x 9cm H

6ft Benches:

*Dim powder-covered stainless steel system

*Leg breadth: 25 x 1mm

*White blow-formed HDPE seat

*Absolute weight: 8kg

*Size at the time of raising: 180.6cm L x 30.2cm W x 42.6cm H

*Ascending size: 90.6 cm (L) x 30.2cm(W) x 9.35cm/H

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Hartleys 6ft White Folding table

A little extra space can make a big difference when you are hosting an event or recommending an event. Hartleys 6ft Folding tables are strong and sturdy and can be used for specialties or food.


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