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An Ultimate Power Solution On-The-Go

Gone are the days when portable power stations were bulky and heavy, limiting their true portability. DEENO, a leading brand in portable power solutions, has revolutionized the market with the introduction of their 1500w portable power station. Designed to meet the demands of modern-day adventurers, professionals working remotely, and emergency backup situations, this power station is an invention that benefits mankind.

User friendly

All output/input ports of this portable power supply are single-sided, and two hidden handles save storage space and are easy to carry when in use. Whether the user is traveling, camping, or working remotely outdoors, it can be conveniently carried in a backpack or hidden in the trunk of a car.


There are two intelligent fans in the product, which can efficiently dissipate heat and ensure the safety and stability of the product. In addition, the shell is made of ABS+ PC94-V0 fireproof material. This allows users to provide security in their use.

Adjustable LED light

The 12W LED light on the back has four working modes of 25%, 50%, 100% and SOS, which are used in different scenarios, so the general power failure or outdoor night will match the appropriate brightness supply. This matching does not cause waste of power.

200W recharge with solar

With the use of portable solar panels, you can charge it in a sunny place, and the fastest 6 hours can be fully charged to the power station. If you are outdoors, forget to charge or need to use a lot of electricity, this charging station plays a huge role.


These features make this portable charging station not just a charging station but can be turned into a perfect companion for the user. When using it indoors, there is no need to walk to a place where there is an outlet, you can do a lot of things you want to do just by placing it where you want to go. For outdoor use, it’s even better, when it’s dark you can use it as a flashlight as a night light.

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