Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

One of Dubai’s most popular attractions.

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is a worldwide icon. The Burj Khalifa is a remarkable feat of engineering and represents the heart and soul of Dubai.

This magnificent structure, which stands at 828m high, is right next to The Dubai Mall. It has been attracting visitors from all parts of the globe since its opening in 2010. You can enjoy the unmatched Burj Khalifa view from not one, but two observation decks: the At the Top on the 2nd and 125th floors, and the At the Top on the 1st and 2nd floors. Also, the 148th floor has the highest observation deck (555m).

Enjoyable Experiences and Burj Khalifa Tickets

Visitors can enjoy a memorable time at The Lounge, Burj Khalifa on the 122nd Floor.

This towering structure was created from an abstract of the Hymenocallis Flower and is composed of three sections that are arranged around a central core. It is consistent with the onion dome design that can be found in many Islamic architectures. You will find a lively hub of entertainment, dining and shopping at the base of this tower. This includes The Dubai Mall, the choreographed Dubai Fountain, and many other tourist attractions that will keep you and your fellow admirers entertained.

Last thought

Tickets to Burj Khalifa start at AED159 at the Top. You can also explore more engaging experiences like three-course set menus at The Burj Club starting at AED259 and fountain tours starting at AED20. These offer stunning views of Burj Khalifa at Night. Visit the official website to find out all details about the prices and book your visit as soon as possible. Tickets to the observation decks can be purchased onsite.

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