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Dowan: Safeguarding Excellence and Safety in Ceramic Products

When it comes to ceramic products, Dowan consistently surpasses industry standards in their unwavering commitment to safety and quality. Through rigorous testing and certifications, Dowan ensures that their products not only meet but exceed the most stringent food contact safety requirements. In this blog, we will explore the depth of Dowan‘s dedication to safety, their attainment of various esteemed certifications, and how they instill confidence in customers regarding the quality of their ceramic ware.

A Pledge to Food Contact Safety

Dowan comprehends the paramount importance of guaranteeing the safety of their products for food contact. With firing temperatures reaching an impressive 1280°C during the manufacturing process, their ceramic ware undergoes a transformation that meticulously eradicates any potential residues that could pose harm. This unwavering commitment to safety is a testament to Dowan’s dedication to delivering products that customers can place unwavering trust in.

FDA Certification

Dowan takes immense pride in their FDA certification, a testament to their adherence to the exacting standards established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This certification serves as a guarantee that Dowan’s ceramic products are devoid of any deleterious substances and adhere to the most stringent safety criteria for food contact. With FDA certification, customers can confidently utilize Dowan’s ceramic ware, reassured that it has undergone thorough testing and adheres to uncompromising guidelines.

Certifications from SGS

In addition to FDA certification, Dowan has also garnered certifications from SGS, a globally renowned authority in inspection, verification, testing, and certification. SGS certification further underscores Dowan’s commitment to safety and quality. By meeting the exacting requirements set by SGS, Dowan ensures that their ceramic products conform to global benchmarks and are subjected to comprehensive testing, assuring their safety.


Dowan’s dedication to safety and quality is unwavering and serves as a beacon in the ceramic industry. Through the attainment of diverse safety certifications, including the prestigious FDA certification, SGS certifications, Dowan guarantees that their ceramic products meet and surpass the most rigorous food contact safety standards. With Dowan, customers can place their full trust in the assurance of extensive testing and unwavering adherence to exacting guidelines, reaffirming their commitment to delivering high-quality, safe products.

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