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Forest City: Why Online Celebrities Love This Real Estate Project

Forest City is a massive real estate development in Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Forest City’s combination of nature, elegance, and cutting-edge technology has lured internet celebrities since its founding. This post will explain why internet celebrities visit Forest City.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology attracts internet superstars to Forest City. State-of-the-art technology improves people’ lives. Forest City uses face recognition, smart home automation, and EV charging stations. Online superstars may experience the future of smart living in Forest City.

Luxury Amenities

Online celebs looking for luxury would love Forest City. It has an 18-hole golf course, marina, retail complex, and private beach. These luxuries allow internet superstars to demonstrate their affluent lifestyle and gain a significant social media following.

Natural Beauty

Forest City is serene and natural despite its high-tech conveniences. The development’s rich flora and lovely scenery provide a peaceful, rejuvenating mood. Online celebrities seeking a mix between technology and environment are drawn to Forest City’s natural beauty and high-tech and opulent amenities.

Strategic Position

Online superstars who travel often would love Forest City’s location near key transit hubs and tourism attractions. Global tourists may reach the development in 45 minutes from Singapore and 30 minutes from Johor Bahru.


Finally, many internet superstars visit Forest City. Online superstars may display their social media material against its cutting-edge technology, lavish facilities, natural beauty, and strategic placement. Forest City is a great place to combine technology, luxury, and environment.

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