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Innovation Unveiled: Sunpower’s High-Performance Batteries

The Sunpower New Energy uses extrusion finishing technology and has brought in fully automatic tools from all over the world for testing, production, and installation. Intelligent production workshops that allow automation, information technology, and upgrading have been built by the company. The company can make up to 250 million power lithium-ion batteries a year with this technique. They have a customized lithium ion battery pack that includes some kinds of batteries that can work between -40°F and 60°F, which makes them perfect for many uses, like exploring the deep sea, going on polar adventures, and saving people in cold places.

Clients Will Incur Lower Costs for After-Sales Service

One great thing about Sunpower New Energy customized lithium ion battery pack is that they are good quality, which means they last longer than other batteries. Customers don’t have to change their batteries as often, which means that over time, after-sales care costs go down. This is especially important for businesses that work in harsh areas where replacing batteries can be hard and cost a lot.

What Makes 18650 Low Temperature Batteries Unique

Sunpower New Energy 18650 low temperature batteries are made to work really well in very cold places. With a 3.7V energy rate and an amazing 3000mAh capacity, these batteries give you steady power even when it’s below zero outside.


Sunpower New Energy utilizes extrusion finishing technology and automated tools for testing, production, and installation of customized lithium ion battery pack. They can produce up to 250 million power lithium-ion batteries annually, with a customized lithium ion battery pack suitable for various applications. These batteries last longer than other batteries, reducing after-sales care costs. The 18650 low temperature batteries, with a 3.7V energy rate and 3000mAh capacity, provide steady power even in extreme cold conditions.

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