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Optimal app-based behavior tracking solutions

What are the challenges in tracking user behavior? Mobile app users can be unpredictable and fickle. Users have difficulty sticking with an app and change their moods frequently. It would be fair to say that tracking users is a difficult task. But it is possible. Using the right tools and powerful analytics tools, it is possible to better understand your users and improve your app’s conversion rate.

These are real analytics tools that can track user behavior within your mobile app, without you having to waste time or strain your head.

Session recordings

Recording website visitors is the best and easiest way to monitor user behavior. You can get a complete view of how users interact with your app, right from the beginning. This data can be used to make informed decisions about improving your app. Our customer-centric view allows you to see all actions taken by customers in real time so that you can make better decisions about how to improve your app.

Navigation paths

Navigation routes provide a detailed map of your app’s user experience without being overwhelming or confusing. It makes it easy to spot problematic or unexpected aspects of the user experience. Visitors may find themselves switching between screens repeatedly, which could indicate difficulty in navigation or a problem.

With the help of a navigation trail, you can view the transition from any popup on any screen within your app. These can help you select the best session recordings to view.


The most difficult aspects of user behavior, such as how they navigate through the menus and screens, and the gestures they use, can only be understood using a qualitative visualization tool. The heatmap tracking tool is touch-based and uses warm or cold colors to show us how user activity has been on various parts of the screen. Heatmaps provide instant insight into user behavior and interaction with screens, giving you the ability to interpret and track it immediately.

You can filter the information from heat maps by using a variety parameters such as the user’s first and last actions or actions that did not receive a response. Heatmaps can show users how they interact with one part of the screen and ignore another.

Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels are a way to track user behavior. They clearly show where users leave the funnel and at what stage. This tool is particularly useful because it allows you to capture user behavior in areas that are most important for your company’s bottom line, such as sign-ups, payments, and in-app purchase.

Combining conversion funnels with session recordings can make it even easier to increase your conversion rate. Conversion funnel tools are great, but adding session records can increase your chances of increasing your conversion rates. You can better understand the behavior of users through the funnel by measuring metrics such as how long it takes to complete each step.

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You can track user behavior in a variety of ways without worrying about getting bogged down or running unnecessary rounds of testing. These technologies enable you to observe and visualize user behavior just like you would in a lab but without the bias and subjectivity of user interviews. These technologies also enable you to track the smallest flaws that can have an effect on user behavior such as a confusing user interface or malfunctioning search function. You can focus on the most important facts to improve your app’s UX. This includes conversion funnels and cohort analysis. You can see the world through users’ eyes by using heatmaps and session recordings.

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