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Reinventing Retail: Using Hanshow’s Price Tags to Increase Customer Interaction

Hanshow, a global leader in retail digitalization, offers a range of cutting-edge electronic shelf label solutions that are transforming the way retailers engage with customers. Particularly in electronics retail environments, where shoppers seek detailed information and a wealth of product knowledge, Hanshow’s digital price tag solutions provide a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement.  In this article, we explore how Hanshow’s electronic price tags for retail revolutionize the retail experience, offering contextual information, visualized texts and graphics, promotional offers, and interactive experiences.

Contextual Information for Informed Decisions

In the electronics retail sector, consumers often require detailed information about product features, technical parameters, compatibility, and more to make informed purchasing decisions. Hanshow’s electronic shelf label solutions cater to this need by providing contextual information directly on the electronic price tags. Retailers can utilize visualized texts and graphics to showcase essential details, making it easier for customers to assess the suitability of a product at a glance.

Interactive Experiences with NFC Technology

Hanshow’s electronic price tags incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, taking customer engagement to the next level. NFC chips embedded in the price tags enable interactive experiences for shoppers. By simply tapping their NFC-enabled smartphones on the ESL, customers can access additional product information, watch demonstration videos, or compare specifications. This interactive functionality provides a hands-on experience that allows customers to engage with products in a more meaningful way.


Hanshow’s electronic price tags provide a range of features that enhance customer engagement and drive sales. In the electronics retail environment, consumers need a wealth of information and can learn more through the NFC function. Retailers can use this electronic tag to learn more about products and make the right decisions. With Hanshow’s price tags for retail solutions, retailers are at the forefront of the digitalization of retail, creating a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry.

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