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Solar Compatible EV Charger: Revolutionizing the B2B Market

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources, solar compatible EV chargers have emerged as a game-changer in the B2B market. These innovative charging solutions not only provide efficient and sustainable power to EVs but also offer numerous benefits for businesses.

EVB: The Future of Charging

The EVB 100kW/230kWh Air Cooling Energy Storage System is designed to meet diverse outdoor commercial and industrial energy storage needs. This versatile solution ensures seamless integration with solar panels, enabling businesses to harness clean energy while efficiently charging their fleet of electric vehicles.

Intelligent by Design

The intelligent design of solar compatible EV chargers allows for optimal performance and user convenience. Wall-mounted with CSS2 charging outlets and a single connector, these chargers ensure hassle-free operation while maintaining noise levels at ≤65dB. With advanced features like smart connectivity options, real-time monitoring, and automatic billing systems, businesses can streamline their operations effectively.

Global Charging Network

As one of the leading manufacturers of EV charging stations, our cutting-edge EVB electric vehicle fast charger empowers businesses worldwide. Whether you are a distributor, installer or reseller, partnering with us will differentiate you from competitors through our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional production capabilities.

Shaping Business With 575,000 Successful Projects

We take pride in our track record of successfully completing over 575,000 projects globally. Our solar compatible EV chargers have revolutionized how businesses approach sustainability by providing reliable access to clean energy for their growing fleet of electric vehicles. By embracing this technology-driven solution, companies can enhance their brand image, reduce carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future.

Embracing the Solar Compatible EV Charger

Solar compatible EV chargers are poised to transform the B2B market by offering sustainable and efficient charging solutions. With their ability to integrate seamlessly with solar panels, these chargers provide businesses with an opportunity to leverage renewable energy sources while meeting their electric vehicle charging needs. By adopting this technology, companies can not only save costs but also demonstrate their commitment towards environmental stewardship.

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