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Streamline Nucleic Acid Extraction with Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution

Magen Biotech offers a range of exceptional products, including Triton X 100 Solution, a core raw material for nucleic acid extraction. Triton X 100 is a non-ionic surfactant that boasts hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends, making it a versatile tool for enhancing the extraction process.

The Power of Triton X 100 Solution in Nucleic Acid Extraction

With its impressive stability in solution and resistance to strong electrolyte inorganic salts, Triton X 100 efficiently combines with lipids found in biofilms, forming soluble complexes that aid in nucleic acid solubilization. Moreover, its hydrophobic end interacts with membrane proteins, facilitating cell membrane permeability and promoting efficient cell lysis. The synergistic effect between Triton X 100 and SDS further enhances the lysis ability, contributing to the release of nucleic acids. Additionally, Triton X 100 effectively counteracts the residual effects of SDS while inhibiting any detrimental impact on subsequent processes.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability with Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution

Magen Biotech understands the importance of efficiency and reliability in nucleic acid extraction processes. With their commitment to quality, the Triton X 100 Solution provided by Magen Biotech ensures exceptional performance and consistent results. Strict screening and quality control procedures guarantee the reliability of the raw material and its ability to streamline extraction workflows. Researchers can rely on Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution to enhance the efficiency of their nucleic acid extraction, enabling them to obtain high-quality samples for downstream applications.

A Trusted Partner in Scientific Research

Magen Biotech has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in scientific research. With their exceptional products and dedication to customer satisfaction, they are a reliable resource for researchers worldwide. By providing top-notch solutions like Triton X 100, Magen Biotech empowers scientists to streamline their nucleic acid extraction processes and accelerate scientific discoveries.


Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution is a powerful tool for streamlining nucleic acid extraction. With its hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, this non-ionic surfactant enhances the efficiency and reliability of the extraction process. Researchers can trust Magen Biotech’s commitment to delivering excellent products backed by stringent quality control measures. Streamline your nucleic acid extraction processes with Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution and experience the advantages it brings to your scientific research.

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