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Unlocking the Future of Retail with Hanshow’s Digital Price Tag Technology

When it comes to revolutionizing the retail experience, Hanshow takes the lead with its cutting-edge price tag digital technology. Among their standout innovations is Nebular, the next-generation Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) that sets a new standard in lifespan, functionality, and durability.

Nebular Lux: A Solar-Powered Marvel

Joining the Nebular product line is the revolutionary Nebular Lux, a solar-powered ESL that takes sustainability and efficiency to new heights. With a small battery constantly recharged by natural and fluorescent light, Nebular Lux offers an eco-friendly solution to digital price labeling. This one-sided LCD screen ESL not only enhances visibility but also contributes to reducing power consumption and battery waste, signaling a greener future for IoT devices.

Transforming Retail Operations

Nebular Pro, part of the Nebular family, brings a myriad of benefits to retailers seeking enhanced operational efficiency. From lightning-fast remote price updates to improved accuracy at the register, Nebular Pro ensures a seamless and engaging shopping experience. This digital price tag solution goes beyond cost reduction, offering compatibility with other digitalization systems and supporting over-the-air firmware upgrades for future-proof retail operations.

Applications Across Industries

Nebular isn’t confined to a specific retail niche; its industry-leading features make it ideal for various environments. From grocery stores to electronics retailers, Nebular’s lifespan, functionality, and durability cater to the diverse needs of industries aiming for a seamless digital transition.


As retailers strive for a digital future, Hanshow’s Nebular emerges as a beacon of innovation. With its unparalleled lifespan, advanced functionality, and eco-friendly variants like Nebular Lux, Hanshow continues to redefine the landscape of digital price tags. The Nebular series is not just a technological marvel; it’s a testament to Hanshow’s commitment to shaping the future of retail.

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