12 Best Android Language Translation Apps

Language Translation Apps

Our lives are much easier thanks to the supercomputers that we have in our pockets. Language barriers no longer exist. For the convenience of users, there are many translators. These translators can convert any language into the language they desire. Smartphones are smart for a reason.

Many mobile apps have been created for the android platform. The invention of language translations is very useful and practical.

This list contains translator apps that can be used to translate android language.

1. iTranslate Voice 3

iTranslate is a magic translator. You can communicate with it voice-to-voice in multiple languages. The app can translate your text by simply speaking into your phone. The app supports more than 42 languages, and users can request translations in any language they wish.

2. SayHi

SayHi supports more than 90 languages. It supports many dialects and allows users to choose the speed at which they wish to translate. SayHi does not require typing. SayHi is a voice-to-text app that allows users to simply speak, and it will translate the words for their counterparts.

3. TextGrabber

Reading text signs and e manuals can be difficult during a visit to another country. TextGrabber is there to help in these situations. The user can simply point the camera at the text and it will be translated to the language they choose.

4. BK Translate apps

BK Translate, a developer that offers a variety of translation apps for Google Play, is one example. There are many languages available, including popular ones such as Spanish, Arabic and German. Each app offers the same functionality. It bridges the gap between English, other languages and any other languages. BK supports voice and text translations, as well as handwriting translations. It can translate words and sentences. It is easy to use and interactive. These apps are amazing. BK Translate is a free app provider, but it also advertises lots of other products. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the ads or even cancel the payment.

5. Dict Box

Another multilingual dictionary is Dict Box. You can use it to translate into many languages, including English, Spanish and French. It also provides offline support, auto-corrections and audio pronunciations. The app also includes pictures flashcards to practice memory. The camera features are also included. It is easy to use and the designs are simple. You can unlock some of the premium features in the free version.

6. Dict. Dict.

Dict. Another important translator is cc. It can be used with many languages, including Spanish, French, Latin and Spanish. The app can only be used with single words. It is however a great medium for translating. It offers offline support, auto suggestions and pronunciations. The free version of the app has ads and supports quite many languages. However, the premium version supports even more languages and is completely unadvertised.


7. Dictionary Linguee

It is multilingual. It supports a variety of languages. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Additional features include offline support, example sentences and audio pronunciations. It is one of the most popular multilingual dictionaries available for mobile devices. It does not contain ads or in-app purchase.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate is the best android translation app. Google Translate supports over 100 languages online, and 50 languages offline when you type. It also allows you to translate via your camera, such as street signs and menus. You can also use it to input handwriting, voice, or typing. Google Translate can translate any conversation. The translator works flawlessly and without any glitches.

Google Translate’s most notable feature is its word lense function. This prompts users to point their camera at any sign or text and it will translate the text. It’s amazing, isn’t? It is. The image is then converted to text using Word Lens. Google Translate is a top-rated android language translation app.

9. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translator is an extremely popular translator. It offers many great services. It also supports more than 60 languages. Although it is less than Google Translate’s, the number of languages supported by this service is still higher than other translation services. All services are available offline. The translation app supports two-way support. The app also includes a pronunciation guide. It supports android wear and Phrasebooks. There are also a few alternate translations. Microsoft translator is also free and very good. It does not offer any advertisements or in-app purchases. It also has a very interactive UI.

10. Innovative Apps translation apps

Google Play also has innovative apps. There are many bilingual dictionary apps. These apps can be used as a translation app and offer the same features. They have online support and can be used to find synonyms and pronunciations. The app supports a wide range of languages, and users can select any language to be translated according to their needs. These apps are all free but they do have advertisements.

11. Naver Papago

Naver created it. Naver is a South Korean search engine. It works in the same way as Google Search and Google Translate. This translator can translate 13 languages. This translator supports text, image, and voice translations. All functions can be used offline by this translator app. This translator can also translate website content and handwriting. Although the translator is not as comprehensive as Google Translate and Microsoft Translate, it does have a lot of features. It is still easy to use thanks to its user interface and other features.

12. Reverso Dictionary

This multilingual dictionary is very popular. This is an excellent option for translation, and in the event that other translators are unavailable on unfunctional. You can use it in many languages. It also supports offline support, as well as example sentences and pronunciations. There are many other cool features. It is functional all the time, but occasionally experiences a bug.


One of the most popular mobile systems is the android system. There are many applications that can be used to make it easier for users. It is preferred by most users because of its language translation apps. There are many translator apps. This article focuses on twelve translation apps and their extra features that can be used to help users.

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