The Complete Guide to IGTV Monetization

2020 was the year that IGTV will be commercialized. It is quickly expanding and making its way into the monetization space for video platforms. Instagram is the first platform to allow users to make money from their published content. This will be in competition with other video services, such as YouTube and TikTok.

We will also review all regulations Instagram has set up so users can follow them if they wish to be eligible to monetize IGTV.

What’s IGTV Monetization?

Instagram IGTV, a video platform, was created to rival YouTube. Allowing IGTV revenue can be a way to help content creators and encourage them to make better videos. Instagram used to be difficult to monetize. In order to receive compensation from their followers, users were required to offer items or services.

This is why Instagram IGTV monetization has been so revolutionary. Video artists will receive direct compensation for their work. Your audience will see the adverts for 15 seconds while they are watching your IGTV channel.

What Profits Could You Make From IGTV Monetization.

In an interview with The Verge Instagram’s CEO Justin Osofsky stated that the goal of IGTV monetization would be “industry-standard.” This means that content providers will get a 55 percent share of the revenue generated. YouTube keeps the same percentage for video revenue.

This monetization method is still in its infancy. It is expected that it will become a prominent competitor among video platforms. This new policy aims to attract new content creators and influential people to the site. This policy serves as an incentive as well, since commercialization requires acceptable conduct and high quality material.

How do I enable IGTV Monetization

You must agree to the Ads Terms and Conditions of Service if you want to allow Instagram IGTV monetization. These terms can be found on Instagram’s official support site. We’ll go over some of these prerequisites in more detail.

Step 1 :

You will receive an email with instructions to register for IGTV monetization.

Step 2

You must agree that you will follow both the Instagram Partner Monetization Policy and the Instagram content Monetization Policy. These guidelines establish the moral standards that you and your content must adhere to in order to enable Instagram monetization.

Step 3

Indicate whether your account is personal property or commercial property. You must provide all details about the company’s legal or fiscal affairs if your account is business property.

Step 4

You must first set up the payment procedure before you can be considered eligible for IGTV monetization.

Step 5:

After you have completed the prerequisites and accepted all restrictions, you can begin using the ads on your IGTV videos. Go to the ad manager for the uploaded video to create the commercials that you want to add.

Step 6

Instagram officials must still review your agreement to the IGTV ads terms and conditions. They will decide if the videos that you choose for IGTV monetization advertising is appropriate and suitable.

Step 7

You can specify which audience areas you would like the ad in by using the ad manager.

Step 8

If all goes well, your income will be based on how many views you get and the conversions.

Keep in mind that there are strict restrictions and prohibited content that must be avoided if you wish to monetize an IGTV account.

We’ll be discussing some of the most important considerations when creating an Instagram account.

Formats that are Prohibited by IGTV

You must make your IGTV material active. Static films made from simple images cannot be used and will not allow you to monetize them. Looping your movies is also illegal and prohibited.

All of these forbidden formats are designed to preserve the quality of video. Instagram makes sure that paid content is liked by its audience and that advertising is a profitable marketing tool.

Categories that are effectively banned in IGTV

Instagram rules prohibit the monetization of any inappropriate content. It includes unoriginal content and content that spreads falsehoods (e.g. anti-vaccination claims).

All categories that are controversial or display unacceptable behavior will be banned. Some of these categories are:

  • Criminal conduct
  • Sexual activities
  • Violence
  • Tragic
  • Social concerns like politics, religion, or immigration are all part of the larger social fabric.

These restrictions and limitations can be found on Instagram’s official help page. If you wish to monetize your IGTV accounts, you must prepare your content. It can be difficult to keep your content quality high while still adhering to Instagram’s restrictions and keeping your audience happy.

Eligibility for IGTV Monetization

While IGTV monetization may still be in its early stages of development, there are some fundamental principles. It is possible that content providers could be subject to similar rules to those imposed on Facebook.

These are the fundamental guidelines to follow in order for your account to be eligible for monetization.

  • Minimum 10,000 followers are required
  • To be eligible for monetization, you must reside in one of these countries: Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom. In the near future, more countries will be added.
  • Your IGTV videos should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Your material should be original and made by you.
  • Your account must have been active for at least 90 calendar days.
  • When creating content for Instagram, you must follow the regulations. These include, among others, the following: hate-free content; no violence or discrimination; and additional standards that will later be defined.
  • Your IGTV videos should have had 30.000 1-minute views in the past two months.
  • All material must be in English

You must be willing to make significant sacrifices if you want to meet all these standards. makes it easy to get organic followers.

Recent statistics show that Instagram earned $20 billion in revenue. This is more than YouTube’s $15million in income. It’s not clear how much money IGTV monetization will make for producers, but it is evident that it has great potential.

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Wrapping up

You will be forced to rethink your Instagram marketing strategy due to the IGTV monetization option. It is not difficult to imagine that creating an IGTV-related video can take a lot of time.

This is great if you are willing to prioritize longer-form, high-quality video content in your approach. This might suggest that you should now look into Instagram technologies that allow you to automate more of your processes and perform less work so that you can concentrate on creating high-quality content.

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