6 Best Supplements To Increase Muscle Mass

Many people desire to bulk up and get shredded for aesthetic reasons or sports reasons. Lean and bulky are often a sign of strength and power in society. However, six-pack abs and rippling biceps are not easy to attain.

New scientific research and clinical trials have led to supplements that can increase muscle mass without the need for personal trainers or anabolic steroids. Consider these options if you are serious about improving your workout with muscle-building supplements.


Creatine, an amino acid found naturally in your muscles, is also known as phosphocreatine. Your body converts it to phosphocreatine and stores it in your muscles where you need energy. Creatine supplements are a common supplement for athletes who want to increase their performance and build muscle mass.

Consuming five grams of creatine daily has been shown to increase strength, endurance, and lean body mass without any side effects. This is the ideal amount of creatine to see long-lasting effects on strength and muscle mass.

Mixing creatine with a carbohydrate such as juice has been shown to increase muscle creatine and prevent urine creatinine from leaking.

Supplementing with creatine during resistance training can increase muscle mass, power, as well as functional capacity for older and younger people. For example, weightlifters and sprinters can get the most benefit from creatine because they need quick bursts or muscle.


Proteins are the building blocks of all cells. Protein is essential for muscle growth because it is responsible for creating and repairing muscle cells. A protein supplement is a good option to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The 2018 review examined the results of 49 studies in order to determine how protein supplementation affects muscle strength and mass. The review found that protein supplementation during resistance exercise significantly increased strength and muscle hypertrophy.

Experts recommend that protein be consumed within two hours after a workout to maximize muscle growth. You can substitute a meal for a meal or add protein to your workout if you don’t have the time.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Nicotinamide mononucleotide, also known as NMN, is a B-vitamin side product that can improve health and increase lifespan. It is a precursor to NAD+, which is a molecule that controls energy synthesis, metabolism, gene expression, and other functions in the body. You can increase NMN levels and promote NAD+ biosynthesis.

Supplementing with NMN has been proven to improve a number of health indicators, such as physical stamina, muscular strength, cognitive function, weight, and cardiovascular health. To boost your energy and get more reps during resistance training, you can also use bulk N .

If you are looking for NMN supplements, ProHealth Longevity offers NMN Pro Powder. This supplement increases the bioavailability and absorption of NMN. It can be absorbed directly into the blood vessels under the tongue and in the mouth.


D-Bal is one the best muscle-building supplements on the market. D-Bal has similar effects on muscle building, but it is legal, safe, and natural. The powerful mix of amino acids and proteins as well as plant-based steroids aids in rebuilding muscle tissue after it has been damaged at the gym.

D-Bal is a strict product, so you will see an increase in energy and muscle growth within one week. In some cases, however, it can take as long as 8 weeks.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

The three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are made up of leucine and isoleucine. Leucine, which has been proven to increase muscle growth on its own, is the most important. BCAAs can be found in red meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, and fish. They are similar to protein.

BCAAs are a great way to reduce muscle pain if you take 10-20 grams of them before exercising. BCAAs can be taken during or soon after exercise if they are being used as a supplement. BCAA supplementation is not a risk to your health. Follow the instructions and take the supplements as directed.


HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate) may help to enhance muscular strength and bulk by reducing protein breakdown and increasing protein synthesis. HMB, similar to beta-alanine seems to speed up the recovery process following high-intensity training. In order to give energy during fasting, the body might break down muscle tissue.

HMB supplements slow down the breakdown of this hormone, which allows you to be closer to anabolic and muscle-building states, while avoiding soreness the next morning. Three grams is recommended daily. MB is usually safe when taken at this level.

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Last Thoughts

Your body is under tremendous strain when you exercise. Vitamins can help you get the nutrition you need. Although supplements can be helpful in reaching your weight lifting goals, they are not necessary to see the results. Remember that supplements are meant to help us train and eat well. If you are looking for quick fixes or ways to avoid hard work, supplements won’t cut it.

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