The Best Eye Exercises For Kids To Improve Vision

The eye is a major concern for parents when it comes to their children’s health. To protect your child’s eyes, you should be extra cautious. Limit their exposure to digital screens and include green vegetables in their diet.

Children are still wearing eyewear for children as young as age one. What can you do to protect your child’s eyes from the dangers of glasses?

We’ll show you how to improve your child’s eyesight with these eye exercises.

10 Signs That Your Child Has Poor Eyesight

These symptoms may indicate that your child has impaired or poor eyesight.

  • Eyes misaligned
  • To focus an object, tilt the head
  • To focus, cover one eye
  • Rub your eyes
  • Eye pain or headache
  • Squinting
  • Watery eyes
  • Sitting next to a television or bookshelf
  • Sensitive to light
  • General clumsiness

These are two common signs of poor eyesight in children:

  1. Nearsightedness or Myopia – An eye condition in which one can see objects close by but not those far away.
  2. Hyperopia or Farsightedness – This eye condition allows one to see distant objects clearly, but not nearby objects.

How does Eye Exercise Help Improve Eye Power?

Eye exercise keeps the eye muscles toned and ensures that the ophthalmic nerves have a steady supply of blood. This will improve your children’s eyesight.

Eye exercise can help relieve eye strain and improve focus & concentration. Eye exercise is important for your children to maintain their health and improve their vision.

10 Eye Exercises For Kids

These simple exercises will help your child’s eyesight improve.

Pencil exercise

Your child should be able to focus on the pencil and keep it at arm’s reach. Your child should gradually bring the pencil up towards his nose. Allow your child to move the pencil slowly away from his/her sight until it becomes difficult for him/her to focus. This exercise can be repeated 9-10 times per day.

Eye Rotation

After a few seconds, turn your toddler’s eyes clockwise. Then, rotate them counterclockwise for a while. This practice can be repeated 4 to 5 times daily to strengthen your impaired eyesight.

Eye Blinking

Your child should make his eyelids flutter by blinking 20-30 times per minute. Then, he should close his eyes and rest for a while. This is a must do twice daily.

Eye Exercise With Sun

Let your child go outside when the sun is shining. Instruct them to close their eyes, and then let the sun shine through the closed eyelids. You can ask them to take deep breaths and do this exercise for a few minutes each day.

Eye Exercise With Clock

Ask your child to imagine a huge clock. Let him/her take a look at the center of the clock. Ask your child to name a number, and then ask them to look at the clock’s center. After finishing, he/she should face the center. They should do this at least ten times per day.

Swinging Eye Exercise

When the ball is attached to a string or shoelace, your child’s nose should meet the ball. Ask your child to swing the ball and keep an eye on it. You can ask your child to use his eyes for the ball’s movements. Repeat the exercise by swinging the ball side-to-side.

Candlelight Eye Exercise

Place a lit candle at your child’s left side. You should encourage your children to spend time in candlelight each day. They should also be able to blink their eyes once every five second.

Eye Exercise to Improve Your Vision

Ask your child to lie down with his back facing the sun. Close his eyes. Next, raise each leg as though it were a pendulum by placing your legs shoulder-width apart. This exercise should be done daily by your child for at least one minute.

Eye Exercise With Ball

Ask your child to use his or her right hand to toss the ball, and to catch it with their left hand. Then, flip it around. Children should keep their eyes on the ball as they throw it. They should blink every time they catch it in one handed. Remember to keep the ball at eye level.

Exercise for the Eyes

Your child should be instructed to hold the ball in one hand and bounce it with the other. The ball should bounce in a V-shaped shape. As the ball moves, the child should track its movement with his eyes.

Parents are responsible for making sure that their children start the eye exercises mentioned above at an early age. You can help your child see better and avoid the need for contacts or glasses later in life by giving them a head start. Simple eye exercises can help your child maintain healthy eyes. Additionally, children’s play glasses can protect your eyes from UV rays and help improve vision.

Do Eye Glasses Improve Eye Vision?

For children who want to improve their eyesight and prevent further vision loss, eyeglasses can be a great option.

To ensure that your prescription is correct, you can purchase children’s play glasses. Lenskart has the best selection of frames for kids in Dubai.

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