If a UTI is severe All women will experience at least one episode in their lifetime. 

They are not uncommon in women but they can also occur in men.

UTIs are when bacteria enters the urinary tract via the urethra. The bacteria then enters the bladder and ureter, causing an infection. It can also spread to the kidneys, making the situation even more serious.

UTIs can cause irritation of the bladder and pelvic regions, which causes pain, frequent urination and burning sensations.

These symptoms should be reported immediately to the Best Urologist Lahore. Otherwise, it could become more complicated.

What’s a complicated UTI?

UTIs can be easy to treat in women. These infections can be treated with a few simple steps, such as improving your bathroom habits and urinating after having sex.

If the UTI doesn’t respond to the course of antibiotics, it is considered a complicated situation. The situation is often complicated for both children and adults.

The infection can also cause damage to the kidneys and endanger their health.

Common causes of UTIs

Certain conditions can increase your risk of developing a complicated UTI. Older people are more susceptible to a complicated infection. However, complicated UTIs can also be caused by children.

Complex urinary tract infections can also be a result of certain health conditions. These conditions include cancer, bladder obstruction, diabetes, kidney disease and urological problems.

People with low immunity are more likely to develop complicated UTI. The risk of developing a complicated UTI is also increased by the use of a catheter. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are at greater risk for complicated UTI.

Even if you don’t have the risk factors, it is possible to contract a complex infection.

Treatment of complicated UTI

People are initially given a preliminary dose of antibiotics. The antibiotic should start working within a few days if the infection is not severe. It won’t respond to treatment if it’s a complex infection.

The doctor will then perform a series of tests in order to determine the cause. Sometimes, an obstruction or problem in the urinary tract may cause a lack of response to medicines. Your doctor might order a CT scan to rule these out.

Doctors will prescribe antibiotics for a longer duration if it is confirmed that the patient has a complicated UTI. They may be administered intravenously to some patients. The antibiotics are then administered intravenously to the patient. Oral antibiotics may be needed for as long as two weeks. During this process, some patients may need to be admitted.

Complications of the condition

Inadequate treatment can lead to serious consequences, such as:

Kidney damage – Untreated UTIs can cause permanent kidney damage . This can result in scar tissue formation, blood pressure problems, and a serious impact on the function of the kidneys.

Pregnancy-related problems: When pregnant women fail to seek treatment promptly, they risk their own health and increase the risk of anemia and hypertension. This can also affect the well-being of the baby.

Sepsis is when the body stops trying to fight the infection. Sepsis can lead to organ damage, and even death. When you experience symptoms of a UTI, it is important to seek the help of a qualified doctor such as Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Urologist.

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