For sudden cardiac arrest, Mindray AEDs can be useful.

The risk of cardiac arrest to people’s lives is very high. Ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia brought on by defibrillation are the most frequent causes. In areas with a large population, like a campus, these diseases can be fatal if an ambulance doesn’t arrive in time. Mindray, a medical equipment manufactuer with many years of experience in the sector, produces AED for schools. So for businesses, they are dependable and worth the cost.

How critical is it that those who experience cardiac arrest receive immediate resuscitation?

The “central pump” that circulates blood throughout our bodies is the heart. Even though the average adult heart is only the size of a fist, it can pump 5 liters of blood each minute at a rate of 60 to 80 beats per minute. The body’s tissues and organs cannot obtain nutrients from the blood if the heart stops pumping. Cells in tissues and organs that don’t get enough oxygen and nourishment perish when waste isn’t eliminated. The brain cells that require the most blood can suffer irreversible damage from a prolonged shortage of oxygen and blood.

Why should schools utilize an AED made by Mindray?

AEDs made by Mindray are not only of excellent quality but also very attractive. It is simple to use, has a color display, works with very accurate sensors to locate cardiac arrhythmias, and reacts to voice commands without human intervention. Additionally, it enables the speedy and efficient defibrillation of all varieties of critically ill patients.

Visit the company’s website to learn more about Mindray AEDs.

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