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NIC Dental: Innovating Endodontics with Advanced Rotary File Systems

NIC Dental, a leading brand in the dental industry, has been instrumental in developing  endodontic rotary file types. These innovative solutions have revolutionized root canal treatments, providing dental professionals with enhanced precision, cutting efficiency, and streamlined procedures. This article explores NIC Dental’s groundbreaking contributions to endodontics, focusing on the launch of the NIC MR&R® System, NIC GF-FILE®, and NIC EZ-PASS®. These advanced systems have set new benchmarks in endodontic care, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for patients.

NIC MR&R® System: Precision and Efficiency for Root Canal Instrument Separation and MTA Delivery

In 2017, NIC Dental introduced the NIC MR&R® System, a micro-retrieve and repair system designed to address root canal instrument separation and MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) delivery. This innovative system offers dental professionals precise and efficient solutions, enabling effective retrieval of fractured instruments and accurate placement of MTA. The NIC MR&R® System has significantly improved treatment outcomes by enhancing precision during complex endodontic procedures.

NIC GF-FILE®: Unleashing Cutting Efficiency with Variable Flexibility and Cross-Sections

The launch of the NIC GF-FILE® in 2018 marked a significant milestone in endodontics. This gradient flexible file exhibits various flexibility levels and cross-sections, including rectangular and triangular shapes. By utilizing Archimedes’ spiral movement and continuous motion, the NIC GF-FILE® delivers exceptional cutting efficiency and efficient debris removal. Dental professionals appreciate the versatility of this file system, which allows for optimal canal preparation and superior treatment outcomes.

NIC EZ-PASS®: Simplifying Endodontic Procedures with Crown-Down NiTi System

In 2019, NIC Dental introduced the NIC EZ-PASS®, an established crown-down NiTi system that streamlines endodontic procedures. With three sequences tailored for 80% of normal clinical cases, the NIC EZ-PASS® offers dental professionals a simplified approach to canal preparation. This system facilitates efficient navigation through root canals and ensures predictable and successful treatment outcomes. Dentists value the ease of use and versatility of the NIC EZ-PASS®, empowering them to deliver exceptional care to their patients.


NIC Dental’s commitment to innovation has propelled endodontics to new heights. Through the launch of the NIC MR&R® System, NIC GF-FILE®, and NIC EZ-PASS®, NIC Dental has provided dental professionals with advanced rotary file systems that enhance precision, cutting efficiency, and procedural simplicity. These groundbreaking solutions have transformed the field of endodontics, enabling superior treatment outcomes and improved patient experiences. NIC Dental continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner for dental professionals worldwide.

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