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Unlocking Efficiency with AIVISON’s Laser-Guided Forklift System: SFL-CPD15-T

In the fast-paced world of material handling, precision and efficiency are paramount. AIVISON‘s cutting-edge Laser-Guided Forklift, exemplified by the versatile SFL-CPD15-T, stands out as a game-changer in the industry. Tailored for excellence, this innovative laser-guided forklift system promises unparalleled performance across various applications.

Superb Applicability for Diverse Tasks

The SFL-CPD15-T from AIVISON is engineered to excel in a myriad of tasks, showcasing proficiency in climbing, crossing ridges, traversing elevators, and handling precise stacking operations. Its advanced laser-guided technology ensures a level of precision that significantly enhances overall productivity. Whether navigating through challenging terrains or carefully stacking delicate loads, the laser-guided forklift system rises to the occasion with finesse.

Heavy Load Handling Capabilities

AIVISON’s Laser-Guided Forklift isn’t just about precision; it’s about power. The SFL-CPD15-T boasts an impressive capacity, with rated loads of up to 2000kg. This heavy-load capability ensures that the laser-guided forklift system can effortlessly handle substantial materials, making it a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments where efficiency and strength are paramount.

Customizable Lifting Stroke for Versatility

Adapting to the unique needs of each task, the SFL-CPD15-T features a customizable lifting stroke, allowing for lifting heights of up to 6 meters. This flexibility ensures that the forklift can seamlessly integrate into various workflows, accommodating different stacking and lifting requirements. From lower-level handling to reaching impressive heights, AIVISON’s forklift system provides a tailored solution for diverse operational demands.


For businesses seeking a forklift solution that combines precision, power, and adaptability, the AIVISON SFL-CPD15-T is the ultimate choice. Its laser-guided technology, heavy-load handling capabilities, and customizable lifting stroke make it a standout performer in the field of material handling. Elevate your operations with the efficiency and reliability that only AIVISON’s Laser-Guided Forklift System can deliver.

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