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Unlocking Precision: Explore Vzense DS77 – Your Ultimate 3D ToF Camera

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge technology with Vzense, your trusted name in the realm of ToF (Time-of-Flight) products. Their latest innovation, the Vzense DS77, is a game-changer in the world of 3D vision. This remarkable 3D ToF camera, priced between $599-$699, stands out with its exceptional millimeter accuracy, VGA resolution, and a maximum frame rate of 25fps.

DS77 Pro vs. DS77 Lite: Unveiling the Power

In their DS77 series, Vzense presents two variants – DS77 Pro and DS77 Lite. Both boast a Sony CW iToF sensor with 640480dpi, ensuring unparalleled precision. The DS77 Pro, equipped with a 940nm VCSEL2 emitter, offers an extended field of view at 70°(H)*50°(V). Meanwhile, the DS77 Lite maintains the same capabilities in a more compact design.

Versatile Connectivity, Unmatched Performance

Vzense DS77 cameras are designed to adapt seamlessly to various environments. With options for Power over Ethernet (PoE+) or 12V~24V DC power supply, these cameras guarantee flexibility. The physical connection options include M12 Aviation Plugs for DS77 Pro and RJ45+DC Jack for DS77 Lite. Both models support communication through 1000M ethernet&RS485, ensuring high-speed data transfer.

Precision Meets Robustness: IP67 and IP42 Ratings

The commitment of Vzense to quality reflects in the robust build of DS77 Pro, boasting an IP67 rating, making it dust-tight and capable of withstanding water immersion. DS77 Lite holds an IP42 rating, ensuring reliability in various indoor scenarios.

Unleashing the Potential: SDK Support and Compatibility

Discover the versatility of Vzense DS77 cameras as they seamlessly adapt to various platforms. These cameras are designed to be compatible with Windows, Linux, Arm Linux, ROS1, and ROS2, giving developers the freedom to effortlessly integrate them into their projects. With comprehensive SDK support in C/C++, Python, and C#, the possibilities for customization are limitless, empowering developers to explore new horizons.

Embrace the Future with Vzense DS77

Whether you’re in industrial automation, robotics, or any field requiring precise 3D vision, Vzense DS77 is your go-to solution. Elevate your projects with their state-of-the-art ToF technology. Embrace innovation and precision—choose Vzense DS77 now.

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