How online education websites can increase their accessibility

Over the past decade, digitalization has increased. Digitalization has grown even more since the emergence of covid-19. Digital learning has seen a significant increase in the last few years. Online learning isn’t going to slow down, according to statistics. A report shows that 75% of schools plan to go online.

Furthermore, nearly 98% of universities now offer online classes and scholarships for students. Many institutes offer online classes. Online classes allow you to learn almost any skill from the comfort of your own home. It is worth it if the course has received positive reviews.

The Internet of Learning provides reviews on courses related to many subjects that you might be interested in. This is a great way to determine if the course is worth buying.

Let’s now look at the top online education websites that can increase their accessibility.

Digital Technology Infrastructure to be Improved

Many online learning websites offer courses that can be taken remotely. Their e-learning infrastructure has been made seamless and user-friendly.

It is important to consider the type of digital technology that online institutions use. The digital learning technology should be simple to use and accessible at all times. Online learning platforms should include keyboard shortcuts, larger cursors and alternative texts. They also need text-to-speech capabilities and high-contrast themes.

Graduway and Teacherly are now working with universities to help students improve their academic careers. You can learn coding or science.

Affordable tuition fees

Online education requires a separate space in your home, as well as access to multiple technologies, such a PC, laptop, software, eBooks and other course materials. Students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds would find this a burden.

Online courses should be affordable and easily accessible for students from all backgrounds. All-inclusive scholarships should be offered to all students by online institutions. Students could also benefit from additional aid through covid-19.

Use Think-Pair-Share Strategies

Ryan Tahmaseb is the director of library sciences. He says students learn more when they are involved in project-based activities. This helps to create a more open and flexible discussion environment. Students can explore their abilities and learn new things about the subject through project-based learning. Online classes can benefit from it more because students have the freedom to explore, research, and progress in their subject area.

Students are split into small groups to work on a topic. Students are free to share their opinions and views. After everyone has completed the activity, one student from each group will volunteer to share the answers with the class. This fosters collaboration and learning.

Online Education: Video and Audio Solutions

Video teaches students better. They can learn at their own pace. An online education institution can offer a series short lessons with clear audio quality and annotations.

Make sure to acknowledge students with hearing impairment when creating course content. Sign language and hand gestures should be included for students with disabilities.

Accurate captioning is important as well. Do not rely on automated tools, as they may not pick up the accent of the speaker. Google’s Recorder App, which is a text-to-speech tool, is the best.

Allow Student Participation in Flexible Ways

Online learning is very different to on-campus learning. However, online learning should not be done at the expense or participation of students during lectures.

It is important to time your lectures. When students take three hour classes consecutively, they often feel tired. Concentrating on the class online is even more difficult. You can coordinate lecture time via various platforms such as Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. Ask them which works best for you.


The right strategies can make online education easier. This will make it easier for students to access your online school. Students will enjoy learning online if the right strategies are used. Video and audio classes can make online courses more effective.

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