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Why CIMC Pteris is Your Go-To Choice for Cleated Conveyor Belts

Introducing CIMC Pteris – the ultimate go-to choice for all your cleated conveyor belt needs. Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or looking to improve your warehouse efficiency, their top-of-the-line cleated conveyor belts are designed to revolutionize your operations. Join us as we dive into why CIMC Pteris is the reliable cleated conveyor belt manufacturer you can trust when it comes to quality, durability, and unparalleled performance. Get ready to take your business to new heights with our game-changing technology!

Features of CIMC Pteris’ Cleated Conveyor Belts

  1. High-Quality Cleats:

The cleats on CIMC Pteris’ conveyor belts are made from high-quality, durable materials such as rubber, PVC, or PU. This ensures excellent grip and stability while conveying materials at steep angles, preventing any slip or spillage.

  1. Customizable Cleat Patterns:

To cater to a wide range of material handling needs, CIMC Pteris offers customizable cleat patterns for their conveyor belts. This allows customers to select the most suitable pattern based on their specific application requirements.

  1. Strong and Durable Belt Construction:

The belt construction is a crucial aspect of any conveyor belt, especially when it comes to handling heavy loads at steep inclines. CIMC Pteris uses high-strength fabric in their belt construction, which ensures maximum durability and longevity even under extreme working conditions.

  1. Easy Maintenance:

Keeping in mind the importance of regular maintenance for smooth operation of the conveyor system, CIMC Pteris has designed their cleated conveyor belts with easy access points for inspection and cleaning. This helps in reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


CIMC Pteris offers a wide range of cleated conveyor belts that are durable, reliable, and efficient. With their advanced technology and commitment to quality, they have become the go-to choice for many industries around the world. Whether you need a custom-made belt or a standard one, CIMC Pteris has got you covered. Trust in their expertise and experience for all your cleated conveyor belt needs and see the difference it can make in your operations.

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